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Withdraw fee

Name Fee
BTC fixed fee + network fee : 0.00035791 BTC
EUR 10%
LTC fixed fee + network fee : 0.04600874 LTC
ETH 3%
AC3 3%


What is cesc.trade?

Cesc.trade has the objective of being the number one platform in CryptoEscudo transactions.

It is a project driven to the comunity of blockchain users.

This project is still in development fase.

With Cesc.Trade you can:


Buy and sell Cryptoescudos.

Cryptoescudo Market


Buy and sell Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Market


Receive Cryptoescudos
or Bitcoin without worrying about the market prices.



Keep your Cryptoescudo or Bitcoin in a trustworthy wallet or platform.



You can use Cesc.Trade on your smartphone, PC, or tablet. It works on every device.

Cryptoescudo Market


You can have a public profile always ready to receive Bitcoin and CryptoEscudo



We are always available to help, through the forum, facebook or email, you can contact us at any time!

Forum Facebook - CESC.trade Support email


You may use Cesc.Trade as a wallet to keep your BTC or CESC, you only need to be registered!


What is it Cryptoescudo (cesc)

Cryptoescudo is a blockchain network simillar to Bitcoin. Made by portuguese citizens, its a solid and decentralized alternative to the current monetary system. CryptoEscudo is a new way to see and make transactions.

"Above all, that is exactly what CryptoEscudo is. An alternative. A chance. It relies on all of us and uses this fact as a security measure. It has it own legs to walk but still it is waiting for you!"