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You may use Cesc.Trade as a wallet to keep your BTC or CESC, you only need to be registered!


What is cesc.trade?

Cesc.trade has the objective of being the number one platform in CryptoEscudo transactions.

It is a project driven to the comunity of blockchain users.

This project is still in development fase.

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Updated at 2024-06-21 20:25:58

What is it Cryptoescudo (cesc)

Cryptoescudo is a blockchain network simillar to Bitcoin. Made by portuguese citizens, its a solid and decentralized alternative to the current monetary system. CryptoEscudo is a new way to see and make transactions.

"Above all, that is exactly what CryptoEscudo is. An alternative. A chance. It relies on all of us and uses this fact as a security measure. It has it own legs to walk but still it is waiting for you!"